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The Blackhawks Rinkcast – Episode 3
The Rinkcast - Blackhawks

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1X co-hosts Jeff “Gatekeeper” Osborn and John “Double J” Jaeckel are joined by feature writer Bob Rose Jr. to take you through this week in Chicago Blackhawks hockey and his expert insight, brought to you by

They take us through:

  • Rare “in-game” podcast as the Blackhawks play the Devils
  • Bob lends his expert eye on players, and skills
  • Blackhawks come back and win in Carolina
  • Let’s not forget the bad loss in Philly, though.
  • Finally, the Blackhawks blow a gasket and lose 7-5 to the Devils at home
  • Some Demon Hunter love
  • A new review
  • Listener questions

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