Recap: Blackhawks at Predators 2-1 Win


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A gritty 2-1 Hawks victory Tuesday night in Nashville came complete with some depth scoring and phenomenal goaltending.

How about this Tomas Jurco / Vince Hinostroza / David Kampf line, though?

Vince Hinostroza was the Blackhawks’ offense in this game. He has an extra stride to his step going right now, and the puck is inevitably finding him. David Kampf’s awareness in both end zones was also noteworthy, as well. On the first goal of the night, Kampf picked up a lose puck and had the presence of mind to wire it high and hard over the shoulder of Predators goalie Juuse Saros.

About three minutes into the game, Hinostroza made a play in the neutral zone where he pulled the puck out of traffic, created space by going East-West, and walked the puck back to safety in his own zone.  This allowed the Hawks to regroup and produce a play that eventually led to Kampf’s goal. The Hawks have been lacking in this safe, sure-play department all year.

Duncan Keith looked himself again in this game, as he did in Detroit. He and Jordan Oesterle went D-to-D a few times in the first period without having to make painfully direct eye-contact—a sign that they are progressing chemistry-wise as a pairing. They were both +2 on the night.

The Hawks also showed a little fire and life in this divisional game, particularly when Tommy Wingels danced with Austin Watson for a bit following a late hit that Watson unleashed on and unsuspecting Ryan Hartman.

Otherwise, there is not a whole lot of meat to this game. The two defining stories were, without question, Anton Forsberg and Vince Hinostroza. Subtract an ill-advised turnover that ended up in his own net, and Forsberg pitched a perfect shutout. His rebound control was the best we have seen in recent memory, and he did a great job of staying square to the shooters. When Forsberg plays well, he has a way of making tough saves look routine purely on positioning. It is a similar style to Carey Price (no comparison there, relax).

Forsberg stopped 42 of 43 tonight which, unfortunately, means the Blackhawks were thoroughly out shot once again, 43-31. Faceoffs went the Preds’ way too, 33-25. This painfully common theme continues to solidify the theory that if the Chicago Blackhawks have even a glimmer of hope this year, it probably lies in a healthy Corey Crawford (is that a thing?).

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    Jake Martin

    Music City Mode A gritty 2-1 Hawks victory Tuesday night in Nashville came complete with some depth scoring and phenomenal goaltending. How about this
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    Alan Parsons

    I will disagree slightly.  I thought Keith was pretty average all game.  Mistakes and bad passes and bobbles.  He looked fast and explosive, but his actual results were just meh.




    I feel for Toews. His issues the past 2.5 years have been well-discussed. Last night, his defensive play was pretty solid; but his offensive creativity is non-existent. He has zero confidence there. Just watch him; he’s like poor Charlie Brown. He pulls up when he should go strong to the net, and vice-versa. He passes when he should shoot, shoots when he should pass. When he makes the wrong play, his facial expressions is of someone that looks defeated, frustrated with himself. And Saad? He’s so fast but he seems to fumble almost every pass and chance (Ken Yaremchuck (sp?) anyone?). He never had the best hands, but all this recently from him is about lack of confidence as well. If they can have these two players get some puck-luck and hit the twine, it would go a long-way to helping them rack up some W’s! Forsberg looked solid…if only Q would ride him to let him get some consistency and confidence. Let’s Go ‘hawks!



    Fun game to watch. A lot of back and forth. I think some of the shot difference was related to the Hawks leading the whole game. Which isn’t a bad thing. 43 is a lot but other than a few scrums in front of the net a lot of outside shots that Forsberg saw well.

    Toews hit the turbo a few times last night and looked like Q was actively trying to get him and the kids away from the RyJo line.

    Kamf had a solid game. Jurco can do down whenever so we can get a look at Highmore or someone else. Kempny looked better.

    Either way 2 necessary points. 20 more W’s and they may be in decent shape.


    Alan Parsons

    Jurco was very good.  The whole line was good.  Im not a huge Jurco fan but I really dont see why people hate him so much.  He was solid.  His line is fast and strong.  Whatever.



    Alan Parsons

    Saad looks awful.  He needs to be moved down.  Or benched.  Or traded.  He looks totally lost.




    Lotta speed, lotta hunger, a near complete effort and a hell of an effort by Forsberg.  Hawk speed really had NSH on their heals for large stretches.  Yep the youth will make some mistakes but the speed, with reasonable effort from the team, makes up for that and then some.

    Don’t know what the fancy stats say but to my eye the line of Hino-Kampf-Jurco was the most dangerous.  Lotta zone time and got pucks to the net.




    Vinnie, Jurco, Hartman, Kampf, Oesterle, Kempny, Seabrook were all over 50% in CF at evens.

    Anisimov was 49.43%.

    The first line was around 45% and everyone else got thumped pretty good.

    Nashville’s top line saw more of the Schmaltz line than the others and they worked them over quite a bit. Subban made Saad look a stupid as Panarin last year so do the math there. Subban is really really good. And makes good players look really really foolish.

    The overall and expected goals for number for the Hawks wasn’t especially pretty. Supposed to measure high danger chances. Kane and Schmaltz getting domed in shot shares is kind of a problem there. Toews led the team in individual xGF%. You’d hope that shooting percentage starts to fix itself at some point he’s due for about 10 in 6 or 7 games.



    Jurco was very good. The whole line was good. Im not a huge Jurco fan but I really dont see why people hate him so much. He was solid. His line is fast and strong. Whatever.

    It’s kind of “in” to hate on Jurco, so a lot of people do just based on that. I’m with you, he’s not a world-beater but he certainly doesn’t deserve to catch as much flack as he does.

    Totally unrelated question, but not sure where else to throw it out there: Next season is there ANY chance Hossa makes a return for one more year? Is his skin condition something that can dissipate enough for him to come back or is it truly career-ending? Not sure anything would motivate this team (and these slowing core players…) more than bringing back Big Hoss for another season. Doesn’t seem out of the question that it could happen, but would like to hear what other people think who might know more.


    Alan Parsons

    I would not be surprised if they found a way to bring Hossa back for the playoffs.  I would think if there is cap space, and they never used Hossa’s space during the season…?



    Chico Maki

    I would not be surprised if they found a way to bring Hossa back for the playoffs. I would think if there is cap space, and they never used Hossa’s space during the season…?


    There is no salary cap in the playoffs–*IF* the Hawks even  make it.

    But, I don’t think a guy–even Hossa–is going to be in game shape, after sitting out all season.


    Hossa isn’t ever playing again.  Mark my words.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter



    Hossa isn’t ever playing again. Mark my words.


    Between his skin condition/impacts of the medication plus his salary only being 1.0 million it makes little sense for him to play ever again. I do think they will ship his deal out at some point though.

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