The Rink: Mission

The Rink hockey_stick-e1510923621487 The Rink: Mission

The demand for real-time insight, valid rumors, and honest, intelligent analysis is higher than ever. The supply is inconsistent and hard to identify among hundreds of blogs trying to fill the void.

If you’ve ever played, coached, parented in hockey, or viewed a game in person at any level, you have some sense of the experience of going to “the rink.”

The chill in the air, the cavernous buildings, American and Canadian flags, as well as league banners hanging from the rafters, the sounds of skates carving the ice, sticks and pucks caroming off the boards, the smell of wet leather and Zamboni fumes.

This is hockey at its essence. This is:

The Rink therinklogo300X80-300x80 The Rink: Mission