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    Lenny Arquilla

    The Chicago Blackhawks looked to use their lone tune-up game against the St. Louis Blues Wednesday night to prepare for what could be a one and done p
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    Mister Ricochet

    I think a fan has to like a lot of what the Hawks showed vs the champs.  The big bugaboos weren’t there. No running around in their own zone, got pucks out without much problem, few if any high danger chances against. Add they hemmed the Blues in often, PK was very good, PP scored and had possession, 5 on 5 had possession and didn’t allow the Blues to come thru the neutral zone with speed, Crawford looked like Crawford, Subban was efficient and showed solid positioning. 4th line did what you want 4th lines to do, keep the puck in the Ozone.

    De Haan showed no ill effects of a bad shoulder and paired with Murphy are the closest thing the Hawks have had to a shut down pair in a long long time.

    Did not look at the fancies but I have to look hard at things not to like and this from a fan who hopes the Hawks lose in 5.  ……… I saw a rare Hawks club that came in prepared and executed. Major weaknesses of being a fire drill in their zone, didn’t allow entry with speed and high danger shots against non-existent. They had possession at 5 on 5 along with being able to exit their own zone creating speed thru the neutral zone.

    I do agree that if Boqvist looks anything like he did vs EDM the Hawks are in trouble.

    paul allen

    I think the core players will have benefitted from the time off.  Toews looked energized.  Overall, I am optimistic.

    Under Qs moustache

    the cutouts played for the Blues. They looked disinterested, slow and lacked any urgency. Hats off to the Hawks for taking advantage of STL when they were down. A good game for the Hawks to win, as they will need momentum going into the series vs EDM.

    Watching EDM take Calgary apart in the first 20 minutes of their game, the Hawks better stay out of the box. Their PP is a work of art as it took McDavid only a few seconds to score. McD had 2 goals and 3 points for the night.

    I’d love to see game 5 overtime!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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