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    John Jaeckel

    Hockey twitter can collectively be like your unmedicated relative who devolves into an unfocused ranting rage at the slightest change in the direction
    [To continue reading full article, click here: Analysis: don’t confuse a cost reduction with a “rebuild”]

    Apparently, all goalies are Vikings


    Shades of Roenick, Chelios and Belfour?

    Certainly brings to mind and reminds one that this is still the Wirtzes.  With McD gone there’s a new dark knight with Peter and instead of naming a Pres. of hockey ops (because again that would cost money) who should clean house they’ve got Stan to do their bidding.  They would also need a new GM and coaching staff and certainly the Hawks don’t want to pay for that right now…so here we are.

    No doubt it’s a business, but the way they treated Crawford here at the end reeks…coupled with a horrid return for Saad and not cluing in your key guys just as a courtesy.

    Again with Bowman’s trading track record I have no faith in the ‘caretaker’ to build this team back up.  And with that in mind do you really have any faith in him not getting fleeced should he be able to move 19 and 88 or 2?

    And yet another below average draft by him and his crew.

    The long dark winter is coming.

    John M

    Excellent write up John!


    Mister Ricochet

    Certainly is a logical case you make, JJ.  But to me the #1 tell the Hawks are tanking/rebuilding is going into the season with Subban, Delia and Lankinen.  Even as horribly as the organIzation treats and evaluates the position even they have to know these people are not capable of handling the position over a full season especially with this defense, one that looks to be worse than last yrs that gave up the 2nd most SOG and HDCA .

    You think they are doing what they did the last 5 yrs, filling in around the edges, that hasn’t gotten them into the playoffs the last 5 yrs (last yr doesn’t count)?  Are they that incompetent as an organIzation?  This will make 6 yrs in a row, with the same plan if you’re right JJ, that they miss the playoffs.

    If it weren’t for going with in house replacements in goal I’d be 100% on board with you but will concede it smells a whole lot like the last 5 yrs’ plan that didn’t work other than getting them a 8th-10th overall pick and no playoffs (no mans land/squishy middle).

    People are leaving the plan.  Season tickets are way down……..  Rocky has forgotten you have to spend to compete?  He’s gonna go with his Pops’ approach?  He expects fans to come back and spend on a team with the same plan over and over that doesn’t get them into the playoffs?

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