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    Mister Ricochet

    I agree time will tell, the opportunity is there for Duclair, a kid with questionable maturity/character

    I like how you notated StanBow liking former 1st/2nd rounders that didn’t work out. When in cap hell that is just another avenue to explore with NCAA and Euro free agents. No problem with it if the compensation isn’t prohibitive.

    Matthew Paulish

    I like the deal a lot. Kid has speed to burn right ? Plus DuClaire has shown he can finish right ? Kane is probably the best passer in the universe right ? Lets see what happens.

    Plus meatball matty likes that Duclaire will punch people in the face occasionally .

    Alan Parsons

    Fuck Roenick. There is a lot of racism in the world and the narrative of the “lazy black man” is an easy one for many people to fall into. Its a trap. Evander Kane is another guy who gets labeled selfish or lazy or a cancer. Im not defending Evander, as it seems that Buff hated the guy too in WPG. But I can understand why a young black athlete in a vast majority white sport could feel alienated or outcast, especially living in a city like Phoenix or Winnipeg or Buffalo and use some of those behaviors as a defense mechanism for coping. So, I hope that narrative, one that was pushed by our own Jeremy Roenick on Twitter, is just that, a lazy, stupid reflection on the ones who tweet it and not on the subject of the tweets.

    Duclair might not work out, he might not be a good enough defensive player or he might not fit in. But I just hate seeing tweets like JR’s questioning the guys work ethic as he is shown the door. Thats just bad.

    I would hope that the Hawks locker room and the city of Chicago is more welcoming.


    I would hope that the Hawks locker room and the city of Chicago is more welcoming.

    Well said.


    I never saw the appeal of Runblad, so I don’t know about that comparison. Duclair has scored 20 in this league and isn’t far off that pace this year. He can fly and that will help. Panik had one good month his whole career and combines undisciplined play with poor production most of the time.

    I have no problem with Stan making these moves, grabbing underachievers from other teams and seeing if he catches lightning in a bottle. The beloved are getting reamed by the cap, due to their cups and subsequent payouts. Getting younger and cheaper on the edges of the roster while the core ages is the only way they have a shot of competing for the cup again.

    Where Stan has killed them is overpaying for guys like Panik, Kruger, Burish, Seabs, Toews. He needs someone else to handle contracts for him, his no movement clauses and overpaying guys are the things hurting the team. His (staff’s) ability to find guys in Europe and hitting on draft picks is what is keeping them afloat.

    Hope for the best with Duclair, if he is indeed a shithead, Q will bench him and Stan has an extra 1.6 to play with this year and 2.8 next year. Low risk-high reward trade.

    Cant’ believe he got someone to take Panik.

    Keep it off my wave


    John interesting read. God forbid you’d post this on a buzz column where the Bowman genuflectors continue in their daily prayers to the almighty Caretaker. Ah David Rundblad the gift that keeps on giving and the beginning of Stan’s Summer of Suck 2015 World tour which included handing over Saad, the Sharp Fiasco (when he could have been moved at the draft Bowman held out) not only costing you a nice young dman, but the valuable cap space you so badly needed…just a string of hits.

    Strolling down memory lane Bowman’s first move after the 2015 parade was to resign Runny – that stud of a Dman – fully knowing he needed a #4. The beginning the end for the Hawks. You know the Dman he needed to get all season and then failed to get at the TDL while handing Danault over to the Habs for hot garbage. And we all saw how that worked out against the Blues a few weeks later. Cut to Troy Brouwer.

    We all remember how he got the wrong Tomas from the Wings last spring. Yet as JJ mentioned the Hawks trumpeted that they’d been looking at Jurco for weeks…oh please. Another bust yet Bowman called him up again. And Q played 7 Dmen in a real shocker.

    Sure Stan continues to try to find lightning in a bottle with damaged goods- he has no choice. Because of overpaying an aging core with NMCs its put him in a bind. But then when he does find a one hit wonder he overpays him. Panik and his agent signed immediately when they were offered that deal – they couldn’t believe their luck. And now Duclair (who almost scored into his own net last night) is the next big thing until he isn’t. And Stan is being lauded for this, but Panik should have never been given that deal in the first place.

    Alan Parsons

    Rundblad sucked. But, to be fair, the video of him skating and scoring as a teenager and young D man make him look like a very good prospect. So, he didnt pan out. I can see why people liked him as a prospect. The problem was he never fucking panned out and they kept trying to force him into situations where he constantly would shit the bed. They were trying to make him something that he wasnt, and thats an NHL caliber Defenseman…lol. Stan stood by the guy for too long.

    John Jaeckel

    God forbid you’d post this on a buzz column where the Bowman genuflectors continue in their daily prayers to the almighty Caretaker.

    Haha, Mal. That’s the beauty of this place.

    Hey, I’m not criticizing Bowman beyond the contract he gave Rundblad and too many chances This kind of “lottery ticket” deal is the price of doing business for the Hawks to a degree.

    I also think a lot of fans tend to naively believe that a guy will just magically be great in Chicago when he’s failed to do so in more than one prganization prior, and “Stan got a steal.”

    I mean, we’ll see. And I won’t be convinced one way or the other for at least the rest of this season and may be a full year from now or more.

    Apparently, all goalies are Vikings

    Jeff Osborn

    I never saw the appeal of Runblad, so I don’t know about that comparison.

    This guy did…..10 minutes and 2 videos worth.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter


    Rundblad was a really good prospect that never developed his skating, defensive skills, and overall mindset. His offensive zone skills were higher end. Rundblad play was smoke and mirrors because his advanced numbers were much better than his play.

    Duclair is less of a risk than Rundblad.

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