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    Jeff Osborn

    The NHL trade deadline came and went for the Blackhawks, yesterday, and Stan Bowman was surprisingly quiet. Other than a few very minor organizational
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    Glad they didn’t overpay or get someone who would be gone at the end of the year.

    I’m also glad there wasn’t a white flag sale that would make the team worse for the rest of the year, mostly because of the impact on the locker room and fan base, even though it would probably be best for the long run.

    They need to add a top D-man or two this summer. I like that they are being patient with their prospects, and that means it’ll be a while until they are contributing at the NHL level regularly.

    Making hockey trades with teams up against the cap is probably the best strategy.

    Something that doesn’t happen much in the NHL is signing other teams RFAs to offer sheets. There are some good D-men hitting that market this summer. Maybe from a team up against the cap? Maybe force a trade?

    It’s time to get creative to put together another Cup run with Toews and Kane and maybe Keith still on the team. The talent level needs an upgrade!

    Phil M

    It was nice to see them stay away from overpaying for a rental, but they really should have tried harder to move people that aren’t in the long term plans.


    Good article, I am fine with them standing pat even if that means missing the playoffs. They are going to have to move some contracts this summer to add some talent through trades and or UFA. Even if they don’t fill all the holes this summer that is ok to. Just keep picking away. I believe we will have a small window to win again on the last couple of years of Kane’s contract as long as they stay healthy.




    Stan did the right thing, nothing.  I’m sure he tried to move a couple of guys and heard crickets from the other teams.

    This team is going nowhere near a cup without 2 top pair Dmen, as nobody on the roster belongs in the top pair.  Of course, no team is going to deal a top pair guy unless they get a sweet return.  Most likely, if the Hawks want to contend next year they will have to deal one of their top 3 D prospects or Gustafsson along with a pick and maybe someone like Kampf or Caggiula.

    The other option is to throw $$$ at Karlssson if he does become a UFA and make an offer to Trouba who will be an RFA (but that would be costly) or Myers from the ‘Peg, also out there will be Edler and Gardiner.  Those last 3 are all #3s really but beggars can’t be choosers.  Not saying they should definitely get any of these guys, but improving the D through a trade that costs a prospect + or signing  at least 1 and probably 2 of the guys I mentioned are the only ways the beloved can hope to compete next year.

    Otherwise it will be more of the same, try to outscore teams while the young D develops and our ‘tenders get shell-shocked while looking to compete 2-3 years down the road.

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