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    John Jaeckel

    (For those following along at home: that means ‘trade deadline to-do-list’) Unlike past trade deadlines, we don’t have any information on which way th
    [To continue reading full article, click here: Analysis: Stan Bowman’s Blackhawks TDL T-D-L]

    Apparently, all goalies are Vikings

    Chico Maki

    “dopey fan narratives”??   I don’t think it’s “dopey” to point out that long term, big dollar goaltender contracts in the NHL haven’t worked out well recently.  Price, Loungo, Bobrosky, Quick. Just to name a few.

    Yes, Lehner is a very good goalie–now.  Unfortunately this team is years away from competing for a Cup.   Will he still be elite in 3+ years when the Hawks again have a team that can possibly win the West?

    Jeff Osborn

    Hoping he’ll still be elite in 3 years is a better bet than hoping that simple Stanley can find one buried in the deepest reaches of Antarctica with the help of the goalie fairy.  Goalies are voodoo.  When one works, you have to do your best to keep them.  It’s another position they have never developed with this regime.  Crawford is closest but he was drafted before them.

    You know he can keep his level here already.  You’re not betting on a Talbot/Darling experiment.

    The Blackhawks can potentially get Lehner for Rask (32)/MAF(35) equivalent money even though he’s in the age range of Hellebuyck and Gibson.  Even if you sign him for 5, he’ll be 33 when it’s up.  Right where you’ll be looking to get out anyway.  That gives you 3-5 years to develop or throw a Bowman hail mary on a Zamboni driver.

    And lastly, he’s a PR dream.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

    Sean Fitzgerald

    The extension signed by the goalies referenced were signed several years older than Lehner. Price, And Bob were 30 when they signed their extensions.  Quick was 27 when he signed a 10 year deal and only fell off after 33rd birthday.

    The proposed deal would take Lehner to 34 years old and elite goalies don’t grow on trees.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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