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    Jeff Osborn

    It is February 17, 2020. The Blackhawks just wrapped up a 1–4 Canadian road trip.  They have a February record of 2–4–2.  Their overall record is 26-2
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    Mister Ricochet


    Mister Ricochet

    Going back to JJ blogging at HB towards the end there I was posting the buck stops with Rocky.   He is the tip of the pyramid and nothing changes until he says so.  I’ll paste what Jeff said that I liked from the above piece, “The Chicago Blackhawks are a broken organization”!!   Indeed, and as JJ mentioned in his last entry they are not rebuilding, they are not contending so they are doing nothing which to me means, they are broken.

    This is not McD’s, Stan’s, Q’s, Colliton’s fault this is Rocky’s fault.  ……….. Until Rocky has a hockey man who has his ear before anyone else, including marketing men, this organIzation is rudderless therefore broken if you will.

    Phil M

    The lack of direction overall requires change. By now they should know that this isn’t a particularly good team and that they should be selling off assets, especially with what teams are giving up in trades. The only thing that kept them near the playoff race was Lehner and Crawford stealing wins. Q was the fall guy last year, but you still have the same struggling team without him. Clearly the problems run much deeper than the coaching, though that is a problem.

    When front office changes are made they need people that can not only build for the present, but also for years down the road. They need someone that can find productive players in the draft. No more drafting every 5 foot 9 or shorter offensively skilled player available please.


    “and they will become victims of their own arrogance.”

    How true this is. And it’s exactly what happened in the late 90’s, which then turned into almost a decade of obscurity. You’d think the lesson has been learned. Winning 3 cups would give any team a sense of entitlement. But they know more than half of their fanbase didn’t exist prior to Toews/Kane, so there’s no precedent for them. And the FO will continue to take advantage of that until (and only until) people stop showing up in their jerseys and getting excited for the next marketing ploy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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