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    Jeff Osborn

    Chicago Blackhawks Chairman W. Rockwell “Rocky” Wirtz surprised the fanbase this afternoon by announcing that team President and CEO, John McDonough,
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    Thrilled by the move…maybe Rocky is finally waking up.

    While McD is certainly the PT barnum and inventor of the sports offseason convention the reality is unless the talent was there on the ice nothing would have happened with this team.  And the majority of that talent wasn’t put there by McD’s BFFs kid.  It was put there by Dale and others.

    I mean it didn’t take a genius to figure out put the home games on TV, and make nice with the disenfranchised players in Makita, Hull and Espo.  And market the crap out of the team. And face McD is a master at marketing.  At everything else not so much.

    Then there’s the meddling in hockey ops, where’s that drew leBlanc video…?  BTW the Hawks hadn’t won a playoff series since 2015 and Bowman’s summer leading into Q’s firing was picking up Manning, Kunitz and Ward – another stellar haul for Stan –  yet McD had gall to can that group a playoff team after they fired the coach with the 2nd most wins in league history.

    The previous summer Bowman had traded Hammer and Panarin…we could go on – yet McD stood by his BFFs kid.

    1 down one to go.

    Sleep tight Stan.


    Mister Ricochet

    DK your first sentence says it all, “maybe Rocky is waking up”?  Well he fired ShovelFace, why?  6 weeks ago Rocky publicly liked him and the front office and today he  doesn’t, why?

    My only question is who got into Rocky’s ear in these last 6 weeks.  If I had to bet a dollar it would seem whoever  did was from outside the organIzation. Someone that pointed out the obvious playoff dry spell since 2015 and the lack of a plan that has the club up against the cap every yr that is not rebuilding and not a credible playoff threat. A middling club going nowhere that’s leading to large swaths of empty seats and declining beer and jersey sales.

    SIX weeks Rocky, what changed???????????????

    That said I’m ecstatic, somehow the guy at the top of the pyramid sees there is a problem and took the first step to addressing it…..

    Get a first rate hockey man with fresh eyes at the top to evaluate every single person who makes a hockey decision and put together an organIzational plan and hire first rate people to carry out that plan. An organIzational PLAN!  ………. I wonder if Rocky will hire someone to help him find that person?


    Hey Mr. R…

    good to hear from you.  Hope you and your family are safe.  I complete concur get a hockey with a fresh set of eyes on the thing and tear it down and build it back up.

    take care sir


    Mister Ricochet

    Hey Mr. R… good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are safe. I complete concur get a hockey with a fresh set of eyes on the thing and tear it down and build it back up. take care sir DK

    Family is well DK, thank you for asking.  Hope all is well on your end.   Scary times, man!

    Well as the dust has settled I’m afraid this may have been a business and not a hockey ops side decision.  Powers’ people tell him they think it’s a business decision and Friedman seems to think the same.  …… Until the hire is made I’m hoping like hell they bring in a fresh set of hockey ops eyes on what has been a multitude of organIzation riddles.

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