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    Eric Andrews

    Each day over the next month leading up to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, held on June 22 in Dallas, we will be taking a look at the top 31 prospects avail
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    Jeff Osborn

    guy has a great ‘Murican name

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    Here’s my take on Wilde:

    He is over 6 foot 2 and the first thing you notice is how fast he transports himself and the puck around the sheet. He is a good passer but you can’t help but notice he wants to hold on to the puck come into the attack zone and be the difference maker. You can’t help but notice him on the power play or whenever his team is in attack mode. Gets a lot of power behind his heavy shot and easily slips down is soft areas to receive pucks and take shots between the dots and loves to do it. Uses his skating ability as his asset when being a defender, and uses his balance and smooth stride to get there to seal attackers off to the wall, closes gaps quickly, and close soft spots by filling them. Willing to use his size to step up and into opponents and will clear the front. He won’t seem anything but calm in his end even when as a viewer you may think he need to be. The wild colt aspect about so many of this draft classes defenseman has been noted so much already, but this is yet another player who seems less inclined to play conservatively by holding back in transition. He wants to make the clean entry by his lonesome and is good at it! He wants to get the transitioned pucks and go back down so he can see the defending goalies eyes, and score. It is this all in, I am going to win it for us play that many times comes back and hurts his team but there is so much to like about his abilities that project as possible top 2 pairing NHLer that you cannot deny him the carries, and the chances to in fact be the difference maker. There is high upside if he continues to grow his all around game. I know I would select him. Big physical blue line presence with keen two way game and skill set. Displays big time physicality that sets the tone. A terrific skater with a booming shot, he is committed to Harvard University.

    Under Qs moustache

    should the Hawks trade down, as the guy they want at #8 is gone, and pick up a later pick in the 1st round I could see them picking Wilde. Coaching will teach him the game, and pretty much any pick after the top few will spend time developing. Defensemen take longer to develop so the possibility of grabbing an NHL ready dman at 8 is slim, ditto for goaltenders. Occasionally a Brandon Saad slips in as a 18yr old but it looks like this draft has more wait and see players than NHL ready ones, so at 8 and below its a numbers game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hawks drop in the draft for an extra pick in the second or third round, or trade from their surplus of players for a pick. Lots of teams saw what the Hawks have on the farm in Rockford, so there may be a deal come draft day. You can’t teach size and this kid is big and sounds quick, sadly he’s 3 years away at best.

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