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    Eric Andrews

    Each day over the next month leading up to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, held on June 22 in Dallas, we will be taking a look at the top 31 prospects avail
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    Dobson (who the Blackhawks took out to eat at the Buffalo draft combine) is a prospect that presents the most interesting qualities that so many teams are looking for. He is a bit farther way form making an NHL roster,  as he is a tall skinny raw-bone talent who already played a lot of hockey with his teams win of the 2018 Memorial Cup, so seen every part of his game against fierce competition.

    Eventually the team  that selects him gets a big framed two way defender with good feel at both ends and has a strong high hockey IQ to build his game into a possible first pair big man.

    Here is my profile from DraftSite.com:

    Plays both ends Has a good frame and will continue to grown into it and get bigger, and surely he will become less shy playing like he a larger guy already. Already better then most “Q” defenders at using his mobility, reach, stick, and to have his stick on the right side of the puck carrier. Deceptively fast and always willing to lug the biscuit up ice. Because he is bigger and his stride is so fluid, he catches you off guard with how fast he can accelerate and then surprises again when he executes at top speed. Jumps up from the blue line deep in to the attack zone and has the speed to get himself back up ice. Has a slapper he keeps low and a strong accurate wrist shot. You would like a bit more physicality and see him push attackers off the puck, he already does show he can separate them decently although they won’t be looking to see if he is coming next shift. Already has shown enough to be considered a top half of the first round candidate, but I have concerns he might not have the elite quickness and “head” speed to become a top NHL impact defenseman.



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