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    Eric Andrews

    Each day over the next month leading up to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, held on June 22 in Dallas, we will be taking a look at the top 31 prospects avail
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    You know from the CHL prospects game on, he really seemed to be coming into his own, but then stalled as the tail end of the season. He COULD be premier power forward in the making if he raises his hockey IQ and off ice maturity. I moved him back into the pack, but he could go off the board around the mid first if a team falls in love. Here is my profile on him from Draftsite:

    Giant raw wing who isn’t close to a final sum of his parts. Has been on an upward spiral all season and this 200 plus pound, six foot five right winger is still working on foot speed, but has really good agility. Displays a good stick, and is starting to realize how he can show dominance with his hands as well as using his big body to handle tight space. The comparison with past Q big forward Julien Gauthier stops right here; this giant wing has quick hands and some lateral ability, and too!s dismisses the comparison before it begins. His long reach coupled with his long legged fluidity let’s him cover lots of ice in a shift. Goes to the front and has physical tools that might lead him to a strong NHL career. He’s never gonna be fast, but is strong on his pins, and uses his size to create time and space with an edgy game. Continues to improve his play away from the puck, and has room to add muscle all over which will help him improve his movement.

    —Bill Placzek—

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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