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    Eric Andrews

    Each day over the next month leading up to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, held on June 22 in Dallas, we will be taking a look at the top 31 prospects avail
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    As I have said on many occasion (in my profiles too) the thing about Russians picks is they seem contingent upon

    a) how much English they speak

    b) how much English they understand when it is spoken to them (Andrei Svechnikov, lots, but no speaky

    c) does the prospect want to come now (a cultural change)?

    d) Or is he gonna wait until he plays enough seasons in Russia to no longer fall under the rookie salary cap so he can sign an entry level with millions tied to the incentives ala Artemi Panarin?

    By some stroke of luck, this kid MIGHT last until slot #27 due to the implications above, and if he does, it is an April Christmas in the Windy City.


    Here is my Draftsite profile on him:

    A big winger with very good straight line speed, and balance, quick feet, and scoring ability, whose numbers in the KHL were nothing to take notice of. The fact that he was on the first team power play says much for how he is thought of. He still needs to make use of his linemates, understand how to use his speed as a device to set up the attack of his entire five man group, and still needs to keep adding strength. Plays aggressive, hard and with grit,and projects as a power forward. A creative three zone player who was able to impose his will and be on equal footing with grown men in the KHL, and will only get stronger and more dynamic. There certainly is enough there for teams to consider him as highly skilled prospect that wouldn’t be available late in the first…

    –Bill Placzek–

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