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    Jeff Osborn

    Welcome to locker rooms. We wanted to bring you not just a hockey website, but hockey community. This is the spot where you can come to discuss the “comings-and-goings” of your team’s news and analysis.

    We wanted to take a second to lay out a few pieces of information for all of you. hopefully this answers any general questions you might have:

    • Once you have signed up with a user name, that user name is set in stone. You can change how you are displayed to others, through your profile, but the user name is your sign in tag for good.
    • Your user avatars can be changed and edited through the 3rd party site Gravatar. If you access your profile, you’ll see a link to their site by your avatar picture. Feel free to customize your appearance by adding one. UPDATE: As of 12/28/2017 you should have the option of simply uploading an avatar by hovering over the “Howdy, ****” on the top right tool bar, moving to “profile” and then selecting “change profile photo”
    • We have recruited some locker room referees, and they will be regularly patrolling the topics. We’re all in this together, so let’s have fun and respectful. We have entrusted the refs with total power and judgment over any issues. We also reserve the right to delete offensive or harassing replies, as well as delete entire accounts in extreme situations.
    • Topic will only be created by new articles. You’re welcome to reply all you’d like and we encourage it.

    This will be amended by the staff, as needed.


    Management of reserves the right to terminate membership of (and/or permanently ban from accessing any user at any time who engages in any of the following:

    1. Uses language, expresses opinions, or posts content that disparage or disrespect any individual or group of any religion, race, ethnic status or country of origin, gender, or age. (Political discussion/references are strongly discouraged and may result in a warning from our moderators and/or termination of membership)
    2. Addresses other users, moderators or writers in a manner that is personally disrespectful. A simple rule of thumb: “I disagree with you” is OK. “You’re stupid” (or the implication thereof) is not OK.
    3. Retweets links, content or posts screen captures of content on social media platforms (including, but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other message boards, private or public) for the purpose of disparaging or defaming, its writers or other users (this WILL result in immediate termination of membership and possible legal action). Retweeting and posting screen grabs to share content for reasonable purposes is encouraged.
    4. Harasses, disparages or defames other users, writers or site moderators on this or any other social media platform, via email, or any other means
    5. Solicitations for any business, religious, social or non-hockey purpose

    Further guidelines:

    • Posting links to or content from other sites is not prohibited, provided they are hockey-related. Certain exceptions will be made for charitable organizations. Please contact a moderator with requests before posting.
    • Keep in mind that fellow users, spouses/significant others may be exposed to content on these boards. Use your judgement as to what’s appropriate. Profanity is strongly discouraged and may result in termination and/or permanent ban.
    • Nudity and/or pornographic imagery (as determined by management and staff) is prohibited both in posts and avatars.
    • Disparaging other sites, journalists, bloggers, etc is strongly discouraged and may result in termination of registration and/or access to the site.
    • Excessive posts (ie, “hijacking a thread”) on non-hockey topics, or just excessive, deliberate off-topic banter, is discouraged. At the discretion of moderators and management, this may result in temporary or permanent termination of registration or being banned from accessing the site also reserves the right to erase offensive or questionable posts—or any content that does not conform to the guidelines and rules set forth in this code of conduct—at any time.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

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