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    Eric Andrews

    The 2020 NHL Entry Draft kicks off tonight and a number of storylines could highlight the evening. What will Los Angeles and Ottawa do at 2 and 3? Wil
    [To continue reading full article, click here: Prospect profile series recap and draft preview]

    Mister Ricochet

    The whole series was a great and fun read, Eric.  Lotta info and analysis from multiple sources gives even a fan who follows closely a 1 stop close look at these prospects………… Nice to see your personal ranking too.  Fine work, sir.

    Hawks love speed/skill, many times obsessively so.  With that in mind I had em taking Zegras last yr, a true freak in the skill department. Just very well have a Pat Kane career.  IMO Dach is gonna play a long time at a high level but he didn’t fit that speed/skill obsession the Hawks have.  ……… So now what?

    Of course at #17 it all depends who’s there but somehow I hope they are backed into taking Holloway.  I’m a fan of hitting doubles in rd 1 and swing for the fences after that. No pop outs…  Of course I love the size of Holloway but see his floor very high and at #17 I like that.  Top 6 ceiling with a high floor of a very good to elite 3rd liner with tons of intangibles.

    Sleepers as a USHL fan.  Loooooooooooooooove Trevor Kuntar, a 2nd yr eligible.  Off the charts compete, sturdy kid with a sizzling shot, quick release shot strong on his blades. Stout 6ft 200lbs.  Coach says his own team hates to practice against him. Chip on his shoulder kinda guy who beats faster players to loose pucks.  Big fan. Followed the league for 12 yrs and he’s one of my favorites.

    Carson Bantle. Big kid at 6ft 4in, hands of a 150 lb waterbug and offensive IQ.  Skating, not a bad skater, is why he’s not a 1st rd pick but might be a top 6 NHLer in the end. Balanced skater with a funky stride……   Kid is skilled and can go into beast mode with skills to finish.

    Stephan Halliday. Former 1st overall USHL Phase I pick 3 yrs ago.  Kid is a natural center, 6ft 4in 220 lbs, 2 way, take no short cuts, play the right way, no hurry to develop kinda kid.  IMO 60-70% chance to make the bigs as a trusted bottom 6 player with middle 6 upside……… North Dakota recruit.

    Sean Farrell.  Small, 2nd yr eligible, Harvard kid is smart, waterbug that is great on his edges, plays and processes at warp speed.  ………. Maybe not a sleeper though as he’s listed as a 2nd-3rd rd pick.

    Go Hawks, and find a damn goalie for Gods sake already.



    Jeff Osborn

    thanks for the insight, Rico!  Love your enthusiasm.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

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