Recap: Blackhawks outlast Leafs, 5-4 in regulation

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    John Jaeckel

    Sunday night’s game at the United Center featured an Original Six matchup between the young and (perhaps) ascendant Toronto Maple Leafs and the declin
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    Apparently, all goalies are Vikings

    Mister Ricochet

    Fun game if you like shots (lots from the outside by TOR), chances, skill, speed, goaltending, drama.   Seems the Hawks have decided to let the team “go”,  join the rush, pinch, trade chances, rely on great goaltending (they’re gonna need both goalies if they’re giving up 50 SOG per game) and try and coach em up in their zone the best they can.

    Sustainable?  We’ll see but if nothing else it gives StanBow and Colliton their best chance at holding on to their jobs and the fans whiplash hockey to watch.

    De haan is an NHL Dman, 28 yrs old, can skate an NHL shift and has since he came up as a 1st rd pick.  Maatta is an NHL Dman, 25 yrs old, 1st rd pick, can skate an NHL shift, has won two cups.  They replace Dahlstrom, Forsling, Davidson, Manning types who can’t skate a regular NHL shift.   The difference is palpable and will become even more so over 82 games.

    Gus, “defense is not his strength”.  Nope, and neither is it Letang’s, Karlsson’s, Barrie’s or Ristolainen types.  Their best defense is having the puck in the Ozone and being on the ice when their team scores more than they get scored on.

    Last yr at 5 on 5 Gus was on the ice for 73 GF and 67 GA.  This yr he’s on the ice for 15 GF and 9 GA.  As ugly as it looks sometimes, same for a Karlsson or Letang, Gus gives the Hawks more goals than he allows…….. If he could play even average in his end he’d be making 8-9 mil a yr. Context.

    This is where having Dmen like De haan, Maatta and Murphy, who can skate an NHL shift, so so important.  They can reasonably carry a Seabs, Gus and Bovquist allowing them to have a good chance of winning a game where they give up 50 shots.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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