RECAP: Blackhawks Rally Back After Slow Start Against Penguins

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    The Blackhawks came into the game riding a nine game winning streak against the Pittsburgh Penguins including a 6-3 victory less than a month ago. Eve
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    Under Qs moustache

    Tip of the hat to Cam Ward, he made a few saves that kept the Hawks in the game. Hawk D looking better. 5 goal effort says alot about how the Hawks were able to exit their own zone, and control the play.

    Maybe the Pens had an off night, maybe the Hawks have finally turned the corner with the season half gone, who knows but this is win #1 of the 25 needed to get to the 8th spot and qualify for the playoffs.

    Alan Parsons

    Davidson was “fine”, but what he looked like was an average pro defenseman.  He did take one really hard shot.  But he wasnt really good or bad.  Which is sort of what they needed.   On the goal that Ward gave up, he didnt really screen Ward, went for the block and Ward just let it go thru him, probably wanted that one back, but it wasnt Davidsons fault.   So thats at least good.   They are building something and Davidson isnt going to be a major building block by any stretch of the imagination, but all he has to do, really, is just not fuck things up.

    They need to put Cat with Strome and Kane and drop Anisimov down.  Debrincat is uncanny when he gets his shot away.  Now, Im not saying that Strome is going to be the next Gretzky or anything but one good thing that Strome does seemingly naturally is to get behind the net into what used to be referred to as Gretzky’s “Office” and makes good passes from behind the net.  Not many players do that well, and Strome seems to have that instinct.  So that is something we havent seen many Hawks players do recently.

    Anisimov hasnt been bad but he has been fed some SWEET passes by Kane in the last 4-5 games where he fumbles and misses incredible chances.

    At least the PP has been lethal as hell lately.  That is really the difference maker.  Puck movement and Gus have made all the difference.  Its amazing what happens when they stop giving it to Kane and standing around waiting for him to score.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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