RECAP: Blackhawks spoil two goal lead, lose to Penguins 3–2 in shootout

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    Ron Luce

    After arguably their best game of the season, the Blackhawks returned to action Saturday night in Pittsburgh taking on the Penguins. Saturday night’s
    [To continue reading full article, click here: RECAP: Blackhawks spoil two goal lead, lose to Penguins 3–2 in shootout]

    Mister Ricochet

    Yep, solid effort by the Hawks.  They won the fancy battle 50.6 to 49.4 CF, FO’s 52 to 48%, hits 35-26, SOG were 31-31 and were close in blocks 14-12……. They were a hungry team and the stats show that.

    Got a text from a buddy during the game, Crawford looks good.  The last two games he’s looked very quick, light on his feet and efficient.  He often overplays pucks but when not in rythem and he’s in rythem right now.

    Which brings me to Lehner. Logical at season’s start Lehner would push Crow and that’s playing out.  If Crow wants the net he’s gonna have to go save to save with a 27 yr old guy playing for a contract that can throw up a .925/.930 SPG over a yr.

    Here’s my point.  The Hawks seem to have the better goalie in net most nights and have enough guys who can score.  D is not their strong suit but with the goaltending why not open the thing up and play track meet hockey instead of focusing the system with the “current” personnel on trying to fix their own end?  ………. Hell even Boqvist would do well in this system and we know Gus does.

    IIRC they played at a 100 point pace after Jan 1 with last yrs personnel in the run and gun system and this yrs personnel is better……….. Today the Hawks are at the bottom of xGF% at 44.61 under the lets fix the Dzone system.  Last yr they were in the middle of the pack at 48.47 with poor goaltending, worse Dman and without Shaw/Carpenter/Kubalik/Nylander.

    I say let er rip and trade chances.

    Jeff Osborn

    I think it just breaks down to them giving up too many shots. They limited the shots on Sunday to the perimeter which is why they were able to win. They need much better shot suppression or it’ll keep biting them in the ass. You cannot expect .940 every single game

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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