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    It was opposite ends of the spectrum for the two teams coming into this game. The Blackhawks were on a four game losing streak while the Anaheim Ducks
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    Alan Parsons

    A few plays stood out in the first period:

    First, Forsling is in way over his head.  He had a chance to clear a puck, or even ice the puck, on a play where he went up the left side boards and felt pressure coming from the blue line, his passes were sort of covered, and yet, he skated the puck back into the corner back along the boards and eventually turned the puck over.

    Second, The play where the defense gets possession, goes D to D behind the net and then sends the puck up the boards to an awaiting forward (ostensibly to start a breakout) but the forward  then skates the puck back into our own zone and looks to either circle and break out or pass back across to the D NEVER FUCKING WORKS.  They lose possession like nearly every damn time.  That has to be a feature of Collitons offense, and it fucking sucks ass and doesnt work.  Every time.  STOP IT ALREADY.

    Third, the push em back entry drop pass is stupid, a total time waster, and DOESNT FUCKING WORK.  Stop it already.

    Fourth, This whole “Man to Man” defense thing doesnt work.  There was a play in the first period where the puck is on the right dot/corner area and the puck is carried right into the slot for a shot on Crow.  Keith is on the left and he skates to the slot area but his “man” heads away from the slot so Keith abandons the prime real estate in front of the net to follow his “man” and leaves the danger area wide open and a great chance was given up on Crow who made the save.  STOP THIS NONSENSE ALREADY.

    Fifth, The defensive effort is so bad that they cant get out of their own zone cleanly to save their lives.  Seabrook, God bless his heart, isnt fast enough to get to enough pucks.  Keith is freaking lost and cant make the plays any more, he is beaten at the blue line constantly now, Forsling is a deer in the headlights and is still making terrible passing decisions out of his own zone, Gustafsson sucks on defense and only Henry Jokiharju looks competent out there.  They need serious help and a better and more organized method of breakouts.  Because they look awful.

    Sixth, something has to change, and change fast because the offense can put up enough to win games, but not if they are giving up 40 shots a night or more.  Perhaps Colliton’s defensive scheme can work if the defenders are very fast and skilled, but that is asking a LOT from this crew.

    Seventh: Perhaps the Power Play could be better if it had an identity besides “Get it to Kane!  Double shift Kane!  Play Kane the entire power play!”  Playing Kane more has absolutely NOT helped the power play.  In fact, he has only one goal this season, and he had 17 last season.  So, seriously, STOP THIS ALREADY.   Id even consider taking him completely off of the PP and force them to, you know, WORK AS A TEAM FOR CHRISTS SAKE.


    Onward to Las Vegas where they will most certainly get beaten into a bloody pulp by the Golden Kniggets.

    Under Qs moustache

    pretty hard to top the above post! I tip my hat to the author.


    I don’t think anything can change. Probably time to cut some dead weight and start a bit of a rockford shuffle to see what they have with some guys there. Can’t get worse.

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