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    Jeff Osborn

    According to hockey insiders Bob McKenzie (TSN), Elliotte Friedman (Sportsnet), and Chris Johnston (Sportsnet), the NHL and the NHLPA have come to a t
    [To continue reading full article, click here: REPORT: NHL and NHLPA reach tentative agreement on phase 3-4 protocols]

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    Under Qs moustache

    What do you call two hockey teams playing in front of no fans? ……………………A practice

    Using that line of logic; the Hawks have no business doing anything other than playing the five game maximum of the first round and letting Edmonton move on to the next round (effectively eliminating the Oiler’s chance at the #1 pick, they still have a few already).

    A 12.5% chance of winning the #1 pick over all should benefit the Hawks long term goals of rebuilding this franchise not to mention should they not win the #1 overall, they hold their spot at #10 overall where a very good player can be added. Taking a goalie in the first round this high is a big risk, with all of the other talent still on the board.

    Yes it’s true that HOF players are taken in the later first rounds and beyond, but franchise players like Kane, McDavid, or Crosby are at the top and will quickly add to the talent pool to replace Kane, Toews, Keith, Crow, Hossa, etc.,etc. moving forward.

    Here is an excellent way for the Hawks next group to see some playoff action, learn from the experience, and come back next year knowing what is expected of each of them playing against better teams with something extra on the line.

    Hawk management can also see where these players are in terms of their development, where the holes are in the lineup, and get a better grip on the rebuild progress. Specifically who has the tools and who either doesn’t or who doesn’t have them anymore. (NMC and NTC clauses are killing this rebuild, and expose young talent to the expansion draft next)

    Playing against a better offensive team with a better coach, means the only way to win is if Crow stands on his head and carries this team to the next round. For all the Crow doubters, here’s your chance to be right or be made wrong. Edmonton doesn’t have the goaltending advantage in this series, but they are even or better everywhere else.

    Hawks management should have made a decision on if they are going to resign Crow or not by now, so this benefits Crow as a showcase to the league on signing him to a deal should the Hawks pass. Edmonton could be one of those interested parties. Crow has little to lose if the Hawks advance or not, as he is a UFA. He could retire too, seeing that his career is at it’s end as a starter, if he chooses to continue to play. He’s probably a better player than Khabibulin was at this age but his effectiveness playing 45 or more games is less than in his two championship seasons. The Hawks cannot commit 11M to goaltending with the cap where it is next year.

    Dehlia is a career back up at best, and will not win enough games to allow Cory a 35 game regular season and still make the playoffs. A trade or a UFA goalie has to be in the works if the Hawks are going to be a contender while Toews and Kane have anything left to give.

    Jeff Osborn

    The problem is that they can’t even afford the players they need to re-sign. They’ll need a $5M a year goalie at minimum. I have it on good authority that Lehner is going to sign a $5M per year ext with the Knights. They could have had him and completely screwed it up. Lehner and Delia until Askaraov is ready. The timeline works and they would be solid in goal for the next decade.

    I love Crow, but a battery of a soon-to-be 36-year-old with a history of major Post Concussion Syndrome and a guy who hs 12 NHL games isn’t comforting. Like I said, they had the inside track on a high end goalie (in his 20s) that could have kept them competitive for the next 5 years. Now that is all hopes and dreams.

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