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    Mr Eric Andrews, I know the draft isn’t over but I wanna mention how much I enjoyed your work on all the prospects coming up to the draft as they were Hawks specific. What NHLer the prospect compares to and how/when he would fit into the Hawks’ organIzation. Really enjoyed your work. I studied up quite a bit, watched all theere was of most of the top 15 prospects as well having seen all the NTDP kids live 3-4-5 times the last 2 yrs and read most all evaluations. I came away thinking as long as Bovquist was taken before 8 the Hawks were gonna be ok. Thought all along that Wahlstrom was the guy and if Bovquist went before 8 they would get him or a Hughes, Tkachuk or even a Zadina might fall. If you watch his shift by shift video what I saw was a kid with a helluva shot/release, good passer, a near river boat gambler mentality with little concern for risk, good skater the few times he “would” move his feet, borderline abhorrent effort in his zone where he refuses to compete for a puck, watches as others take the abuse, no problem flying the zone when it’s nowhere near assured that “others” will get the puck out and this was in a shift by shift 53:00 video in a game vs Canada for the right to play for Gold, the semis, in the WJC U-18, the biggest game in his life at the time. What I see is exactly, maybe a tad bit worse as far as compete, what I saw in Schmaltz as a jr who I saw more than 5 times live. I was pissed beyond belief when they took him a few yrs ago when Fabbri was on the board specifically because of his compete level. I’m in the camp you can’t teach heart and that you can’t develop to your ceiling without it. Then watched in 1 yr at North Dakota he started to develop a 3 zone game all the way to today where the kid is a 1st rate pick pocket, will battle for pucks in all 3 zones and DEVELOPED into a core player for the Hawks. Key is obviously develop. What I learned from my lesson on Schmaltz is a paid NHL scout sees far far ahead and if they could see a Schmaltz who showed little compete (effort/heart/will) would “develop” that trait then my 2 yr 5+ live viewings of a kid is deficient. I will simply defer to the paid pro evaluators. But I challenge anyone to spend the time to look at this 53 minute shift by shift vid of Boqvist in a semifinals WJC U-18 and the Bronze game and tell me that is defensive effort that is anything less than appalling and worth the 8th overall pick. Then add he’s had 2 concussions in the last calendar yr and if the risk reward is worth the 8th when a probable 1RW/LW 40+ goal upside Wahlstrom was on the board. As mentioned I will defer to the paid NHL scout and let Boqvist prove him wrong. A very very very similar player in Schmaltz didn’t!!

    Thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated! Thank you for your insight as well. I was surprised when they went with Boqvist, too. Here’s hoping he works out!

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