Official Rinkrat Apparel from PUCKHCKY

Thanks to the great people at, we are proud to announce the launch our official line of Rink Rats gear and apparel.

We have put together several ways you can directly get to our line, the easiest of which is click the “Rink Rat Gear” at the top of the page or just click the image below:

Official Rink Rats Gear and Apparel line


Remember to use the discount code “THERINK” when purchasing.  Orders over $100 will also get you a free PUCKHCKY t-shirt and free shipping.

This is a closer look at the premium quality apparel you have to choose from:

Hats, you say?  You want hats?  We’ve got these top quality hats!

This is just the beginning.  We plan on launching more options once all you rabid Rink Rats bleed them dry.

Now it’s your turn, Rink Rats, show the people at PUCKHCKY just how dedicated our fans are!



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