The Blackhawks Rinkcast – Episode 1

The Rink Blackhawks_Rinkcast_Final_1500x1500-e1540661046783 The Blackhawks Rinkcast - Episode 1 Rinkcast

New co-hosts Jeff “Gatekeeper” Osborn and John “Double J” Jaeckel take you through this week in Chicago Blackhawks hockey, with this inaugural Hockey Rinkcast, brought to you by

They take us through:

  • What is this new venture, and why should everyone be excited?
  • Two losses, and 0/11 on the power play last week
  • The new Blackhawks lines
  • If there are any trades available
  • Who might be struggling
  • who might not be struggling.
  • Is Joel Quenneville on the hot seat?
  • Perception vs reality
  • Some news in the Western Suburbs involving a Chicago hockey team

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