Bob Rose Jr

The Rink BobRose3-150x150 Bob Rose Jr   Bob (aka “SnapitUpstairs” on web posts) is a professional skills coach specializing in shooting. Rose is the Chicago Affiliate of Tim Turk Hockey. Turk is widely recognized as the NHL’s top shooting coach.

A lifelong student of hockey, Bob was also taught by other elite NHL skills instructors including Robby Glanz (skating) and Dr. Yasha Smushkin (hockey agility).

Rose’s game pattern recognition skill is the product of attending countless games at a variety of competitive levels including: East Coast Prep School, College Division 1, ECHL, and NHL. His insights ring true with many fans.

Bob’s love for the great game of hockey began as a young child in the stands at the Old Chicago Stadium.

From there, endless days and nights of pond hockey kept the game fun and joyful.

Though there would be no distinguished playing career, Rose found great fulfillment in hockey through teaching. He continues to study the game’s top teachers as well as leaders in sports performance beyond hockey.

Rose’s shooting clients include both individuals and teams in the Chicago Area. He can be reached at