BREAKING: Blackhawks Relieve Quenneville, Colliton Takes Over

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The Chicago Blackhawks surprised everyone this morning by announcing that long time coach and three-time Stanley Cup winner Joel Quenneville was relieved of his coaching duties. In addition to Quenneville, assistant coaches Kevin Dineen and Ulf Samuelsson were let go.

Rockford Icehogs (now former) Head Coach Jeremy Colliton takes over the Blackhawks as their 38th head coach in franchise history. Colliton, who is just 33 years-old, becomes the youngest head coach in the NHL. He was hired by the Blackhawks to coach in Rockford two seasons ago, after four seasons as head coach of Mora IK, in Sweden (HockeyAllsvenskan).

According to the Blackhawks, Colliton could be bringing assistant coach Sheldon Brookbank to the Blackhawks with him.  His assistant in Rockford, Derek King, will take over in Rockford as the Head Coach on an interm basis.

Also, joining Jeremy Colliton’s coaching staff is long time Scott Bowman friend and member of the Blackhawks Hockey Operations staff, Barry Smith. Smith as been a member of the Blackhawks organization for nine seasons, most recently serving as Director of Player Evaluation.

Joel Quenneville’s contract with the Blackhawks runs through the end of the 2019-20 season, so the organization will be paying him $6 million for the remainder of that time.

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    The Chicago Blackhawks surprised everyone this morning by announcing that long time coach and three-time Stanley Cup winner Joel Quenneville was relie
    [To continue reading full article, click here: BREAKING: Blackhawks Relieve Quenneville, Colliton Takes Over]

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    Rocky blew it.  Blame enough to go around, but the culprits are clear as mud:  McDontknow and Blowman.   Can’t make a trade, manage a salary cap (gee, all the other teams make things work out), should have done the money/player deal for Hossa 18 months ago, absolutely got fleeced in the Saad for Panarin deal and gunshy every since.    Kunitz, Manning, and Ward in the offseason?  Gave Kempny away for nothing, and we’re all waiting for Connor Murphy to play up to his potential.

    And they keep McDon’tknow, the new Mr. Hockey and Stan?  Damn Rocky.



    Hawks are no longer a top tier talent team. Too much depends on Kane having multiple goal games every night.

    No coach is going to have great success with this roster.


    Chico Maki

    I think Q was/is the scapegoat for a poor roster.   And, that blame goes entirely on Bowman.

    Some fans over value the team’s players.  Your GM should NEVER do this.

    Look at the bottom six of the Blackhawks.   If you swapped the Hawk bottom six and the Rockford bottom six, would there be any appreciable difference in the won/loss record?

    The top six has ONE legit superstar–Kane.  Toews, even with a good start to this season, is still a shell of his former self.    Saad is a total mystery. Schmaltz is a figure skater, not a hockey player.  Kahun is a nice player, but probably shouldn’t be on the top line. Probably more suited to a third liner.  The Cat is a legit good player.

    Look at the blue line.  You have MAYBE 3 serviceable defensemen.  Joki, Keith and possibly Seabrook.  The other 3 are barely NHL quality Dmen.

    I see where Barry Smith (YECH) is now gonna be behind the bench as an assistant…  To me, that’s NOT an upgrade.


    Tim M.

    When it gets to the point where you power play sucks for four years in a row with three hall of famers (four when Hossa was still around) on it, why is this such a shock?


    Mr. T

    Q being dismissed  wasn’t done in a vacuum, years of no chemistry between

    the FO and Q reached the boiling point. Mcd and SB have their fingerprints

    on the mess also from giving away the barn to all the bad trades/draft choices

    the end of the era had to begin somewhere.

    Thanks for the memories Q and good luck with whatever next endeavor you



    Let’s not forget McDonough in all this.  Bowman is a “yes man” for McDonough.  If Bowman goes, he’s just another scapegoat.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter


    Mr. T

    It’s always been a three headed monster with McD controlling

    Stan and Q. All decisions ran thru Mcd, contracts like Seabs

    nmc/ ntc to whomever asked.


    What surprise me somewhat is the flack Stan is getting from

    the hockey world, I never realized that Q was saint and can do

    no wrong.


    Anyways this looks like the beginning of the end for this franchise

    until Rocky gets rid of the bowmans and Mcd, they should both be

    on the clock





    I guess an earlier post proved correct. Coaching had to change. Removing 3 is easier than removing 20 or more players.

    Look no farther than Pittsburgh. Switch coaches, add a few players from the farm, change a few systems, and wha-la! Stanley Cups!

    I’m not foolish enough to think that the Hawks are a coach and a couple players away from contention, but who saw LVGN going to the SCF vs Washington last year @ 10 games into the season? NOBODY.

    Change had to come from Coaching first. Jeremy has his hands full with a new team, new coaches, and no NHL coaching experience. SO how this exactly improves the club’s chances of making the playoffs this year is unclear to me. But if its rebuild time, then it starts with a coach that knows the players in the system, and he can evaluate when they come to the show as to how close they are to NHL ready.

    Stan has NTC/NMC contracts, not sure if or how those are eliminated. Can the rebuild occur fast enough so Kane, Crow, Keith, Seabs, and Toews are still(mostly) in their prime? Or does the rebuild have to go deeper?

    Message sent from McD to those below him, “get it done, or you’re out”. Stay tuned………….

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