Blackhawks’ Prospect Beau Starrett Faces Pivotal Senior Year at Cornell


Beau Starrett needs to have stellar senior year to force his way into the Blackhawks system

If you take a look at every team in the Central Division, you’ll notice that they’re all very strong at the center position.  Whether it’s going up against Mark Scheifele in Winnipeg, Ryan Johansen in Nashville, or Eric Staal in Minnesota, it’s always a battle for the puck.  And over the years, the Blackhawks haven’t been able to find depth beyond star Jonathan Toews.  Nick Schmaltz showed a lot of potential last season, but he’s still growing and has yet to be locked up long term.

So who could be next?

One prospect that has been in the Blackhawks system for a few years has been Beau Starrett of Cornell University.  Drafted in the third round in 2014, Starrett is going into his senior season playing for the Big Red.

Throughout his college hockey career, Starrett has never produced more than 14 points, but his towering figure brings other elements to the game that the Blackhawks should be intrigued by.  The most important being his faceoff numbers.

During his senior season, Starrett took 469 draws and won almost 54% of them on Cornell’s top line.  He also can skate pretty well.  At the last couple prospect camps, Starrett had quick feet and did a great job moving the puck up to his wings on the breakout.

Starrett’s obvious physical talent is his size at 6’5 222lbs.  He doesn’t necessarily throw his weight around, but his board-play and ability to fight for positioning with his body are both attributes the Blackhawks need desperately on their roster.  Starrett also has a nose for the net.  He’s often found lurking around the goal-mouth cleaning up rebounds or setting screens for his shooters.

A similar player who has had moderate success in the NHL is Jimmy Hayes who weighs in at 6’5 215lbs.  Hayes played for the Blackhawks for a few years and produced because of his ability to get to the dirty areas.  Starrett could do the same.

Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville loves the try hard, effort guys so there are other ways to win him over besides being a player like Patrick Kane.  Because Starrett is already a great faceoff man he’s already ahead of the curve, but playing great defense and being responsible in your own end is important.  The biggest problem you see with young players is their ego.  They over-think a play, try to get cute, or just don’t make the simply play.  Hockey IQ is just as important as skill on the Hawks.

We also have to take into consideration that NHL teams lose their rights to NCAA players in the fall following their senior seasons if they cannot reach an agreement.  Let’s hope Starrett has a great season and inks his future with the Hawks by season’s end.

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