Day three of development camp for the Avalanche


CENTENNIAL, Colo. Day three of development camp is now in the books and concluded with the Colorado Avalanche’s Burgundy versus White game. All the prospects who were fighting for spots on the roster showcased their talent in a game setting. Some players succumbed to the darkness, while others showcased their expected talent. Calum Ritchie had three assists and showed a wonderful vision of the ice. Matt Davis may have exposed a flaw that others picked up on right away. Here are the standouts from day three of development camp for the Avalanche.

Colby Ambrosio

Colby Ambrosio is a recent transfer from Boston College to Miami University (Ohio). As a draft pick from the 2020 draft (fourth round, 118th overall), the Avalanche will hold his rights until August. Ambrosio started out weak at camp, showing very little interest on day one. On day two, he woke up, and the jets turned on. He was flying through the neutral zone on drills on day two, keeping his strides short and powerful. During the game, Ambrosio showed no fear running the puck right up the middle of the ice and splitting the defense. It would pay off as he went bar down for a goal on a diving Nils Wallstrom. Ambrosio showed he has the experience from the NCAA tonight, but will the Avalanche take that into consideration?

Matt Davis

Davis is a two-time National Champion from the University of Denver (DU). He also is a free agent that was at the camp on an invitation. With the Avalanche’s immediate goalie depth depleted, Davis could be a good option if he will leave school. Davis has great range on the push off while going post-to-post, but has a hole in his blocker. Players during the scrimmage kept taking advantage of his weak blocker, and he had some trouble blocking them. If Davis can get that blocker up, he could be a menace in the net behind Trent Miner.

Boston Buckberger

Boston Buckberger is another DU defenseman and at the camp on an invitation. In his freshman year, he won the National Championship with Davis and Sean Behrens. In just 44 games he would have 27 points (5–22). I have written about him before earlier in the season for DU as a potential standout for them. At camp, he took several hits and show that he could take the punishment. He can move the puck very well and does it in small spaces to open up opportunities for himself. Buckberger is a little small at 5’11”, but he uses that to his advantage to be crafty. The one thing he really needs to work on is his shot from the point, as his wrist shot needs a little more power to it.


There could be a couple of players that may earn themselves a contract out of the last three days. Ritchie, who is a draft pick, turned some heads. The college players may have a tougher time earning that contract with the bar being set higher. But, Ambrosio stood out in the scrimmage and hopefully that will convince the Avalanche to do something about it. Either way, the long summer starts and the work is only beginning for some of these players. We will see if they show up in an Avalanche locker room in the fall.

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