Makar’s defensive breakdowns lead to Predators’ win


The game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Nashville Predators had an energetic first period, making it appear close. That was not the ultimate outcome. In the second period, the Avalanche faced difficulty in getting the puck and the third period completely shut them down. The Predators did a good job of closing down and restricting Nathan Mackinnon and the Avalanches’ top line, thus limiting their chances. The team noticed the absence of Kurtis MacDermid after they traded him during the week. Nashville played a hard checking game that was physical. Colorado’s division rival would win with ease 5–1 to end the Avalanche road trip.


— Zach Parise had a strong game even after being dumped down hard on the ice by Luke Schenn during the first period. He was tenacious on the puck and got himself into that corner spot on the net, ready for the rebound or a tip in. Insufficient quality shots led to the unfavorable outcome.

— Cale Makar’s defensive lapses resulted in goals for the Predators, costing the Avalanche. Along with Mikko Rantanen not contributing to the top line, the inconsistency is not helping solidify the Avalanche’s position in the Central Division.

— The Avalanche were out shot by the Predators, 26 shots on goal to 36. They only won 47% of the face offs, which doesn’t lean towards winning the game. Only Nathan MacKinnon scored, using an unusual shot for him.


The Avalanche failed this test. The second period was odd. Despite winning more face-offs, they played scrappy hockey, giving the Predators more control of the game momentum. It wasn’t that the Avalanche were not playing their game; it was that the Predators played to the Avalanche’s game to limit their ability to play and score. And with the Colorado not able to turn the game around and score during the third period, the game slipped away from them. Colorado’s road woes continue on, but they head home to meet the Blackhawks on Monday night in Denver.

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