Preview/Game Thread: Blackhawks vs. Hurricanes

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Carolina Hurricanes (6-7-2) at Chicago Blackhawks (6-6-3)

7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern
United Center
TV/Radio: NBCSCH/WGN 720



ChicagoCorey Crawford (3-4-0 W-L, .907 SV%, 2.92 GAA)
CarolinaScott Darling (0-2-0 W-L, .893 SV%, 3.14 GAA)



Power Play

Chicago (14.0%, T-27th)
Carolina (12.5%, 29th)

Penalty Kill

Chicago (76.6%, 23rd)
Carolina (69.8%, 29th)

Shorts for/against

Chicago (32.8, T-10th, 33.5, T-24th)
Carolina (41.6, 1st, 24.3, 1st)

Shooting %

Chicago (9.3%, T-16th)
Carolina (6.3%, 31st)

Faceoff %

Chicago (49.4%, 18th)
Carolina (52.3%, 4th)

Avg. height/weight

Chicago 6’1”, 195lbs
Carolina 6’2” 198lbs



Chicago Blackhawks

Alex DeBrincatJonathan ToewsBrandon Saad
Nick SchmaltzArtem AnisimovPatrick Kane
Andreas MartinsenMarcus KrugerAlexandre Fortin
Chris KunitzDavid KampfDominik Kahun
Duncan KeithHenri Jokiharju
Erik GustafssonBrent Seabrook
Jan RuttaBrandon Davidson

Carolina Hurricanes

Micheal FerlandSebastian AhoTeuvo Teravainen
Warren FoegeleJordan StaalJustin Williams
Jordan MartinookLucas WallmarkAndrei Svechnikov
Brock McGinnNicolas RoyValentin Zykov
Jaccob SlavinDougie Hamilton
Calvin de HaanJustin Faulk
Trevor van RiemsdykBrett Pesce



Jeremy Colliton, coaching his first NHL game after the firing of Joel Quenneville, takes over the reigns of the Hawks after a season plus as the head coach of the Rockford IceHogs.

The 33-year old Colliton is tasked with improving the special teams. Both the power play and penalty kill rank in the bottom third of the league, respectively.

On the surface, the Hurricanes look like a great first opponent for a rookie head coach. However, a deeper look at the numbers show Carolina can play in both the offensive and defensive zones (currently 1st in both shots for and shots against).

A little “puck luck” and the Hurricanes could have a completely different record than their 6-7-2 mark. Currently last in the NHL with a 6.3% shooting percentage, a correction to league average would make the Canes a tough offensive threat.

Corey Crawford, on a three-game losing streak, squares off against Scott Darling, having lost both of his starts this season after returning from a lower-body injury. Darling, a Lemont, IL native, was a member of the 2015 Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks.

Comment below in our live game thread tonight!

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      Carolina Hurricanes (6-7-2) at Chicago Blackhawks (6-6-3) 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern United Center TV/Radio: NBCSCH/WGN 720   PROJECTE
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    Anxious to see the level of physicality that Coach Colliton has instructed the team to make harder on the back check and in the slot. CBH D & F’s are smallish and easy to push off the puck and other team’s can lock themselves in front of Corey. Additionally, entries and puck movement on the PP, our guys are to stationary once in the zone and need to get other team PK’rs moving confused and tired out.


    Alan Parsons

    Davidson, Rutta and Gustafsson can be fired into the sun any day now.  If Q has to go, then those three guys have GOT to go.  Terrible.   Just terrible.


    Alan Parsons

    And it is 2-0 Canes.   And the defense sucks.  And Crawford doesnt have a chance.


    Alan Parsons

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


    Alan Parsons

    Gus on the ice again for a goal against.  It was Jokers side and he was out of gas and out of position.  Not a good start.  3-0 Canes.  Not…not good.


    Alan Parsons

    So, that happened.    One period down.  66 games to go.  Yikes.  Good thing I have legal weed here.


    @PuckinHostile on Twitter


    Chico Maki

    This is just a bad roster.  Q was not the problem.

    The bottom 6 has to be one of the worst in the nhl.

    The blue line has 2 maybe 3 nhl quality players.

    And that’s on Bowman.


    Alan Parsons

    To be fair… TO BE FAIR!  Q was definitely part of the problem.  But he wasnt the main problem.  I get why they decided to fire him, but…the defensive players are hot garbage.  The PP and PK have been garbage for years.  Thats coaching.  And his lineups were mindboggling at times.

    But 4-0 Canes…Oh dear lord make the burning stop!  Crawford is fucking PISSED tonight.   He just chucked his stick.  He isnt happy.


    Alan Parsons

    And to be fair, TO BE FAIR!  Darling is playing really well tonight.  But 4-1 and Kane gets one back.  Well done.


    Alan Parsons

    If TVR scores, Im gonna lose my shit.


    Chico Maki

    Q plays the guys he’s given.  And what he’s been given is hot garbage.



    Alan Parsons

    agreed.  But the PP has been shitty with Toews, Kane, Saad, Schmaltz, Keith, Seabrook for years.  Even when Panarin was slamming in one-timers, if they didnt score on one, they were not scoring.  Panarin’s one timer was amazing but also was extremely predictable.  Meh.  They needed change in some capacity.


    Alan Parsons

    Saad.  Dancefloor.  4-2.  Maybe they can come from behind and beat Scotty Darling, Lemont Native, and the lowly Canes.


    Alan Parsons

    4-0 is the most dangerous lead in hockey.


    Alan Parsons

    Jacob Slavin’s nickname has got to be Cliff.


    Alan Parsons

    This team is like watching your best friend have a heart attack and then when the defibrillator kicks in they pop right up and are ready to pound some beers.



    Alan Parsons

    Inconsistency on Defense is maddening.  Davidson was awful early in the game.  They all were awful.  Then by the latter half of the 2nd and the 3rd period they played pretty good on defense for the most part.   Davidson had some nice plays late in the game.  But Rutta and Gus need to be shot into the sun.  Ive been a Gus apologist for a while, but no more.  The guy just cant be out there unless he is playing forward.


    Chico Maki

    agreed. But the PP has been shitty with Toews, Kane, Saad, Schmaltz, Keith, Seabrook for years. Even when Panarin was slamming in one-timers, if they didnt score on one, they were not scoring. Panarin’s one timer was amazing but also was extremely predictable. Meh. They needed change in some capacity.

    Maybe the PP has been shitty because there’s only been one true goal scorer–Kane.
    Toews, at least in the past, was good at parking in front of the net.  Same with Saad.  Recently, the last couple years,  neither has the will to go to the front of the net.
    Keith, on the PP, is more of a passer, his shot, when he hits the net, is more designed for rebounds.
    Seabrook has a big shot, but he’s slow and cant maneuver to a get a free shot.
    Too often this PP passes around the perimeter looking for the “pretty goal”, rather than crashing the net for dirty goals.
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