RECAP: Blackhawks Comeback Falls Short in Winnipeg


After a terrible loss to the Vegas Golden Knights, on Tuesday, the Blackhawks took a short trip to Winnipeg Manitoba to face the high scoring Jets.

The Jets were coming off a tight loss versus the Pittsburgh Penguins, also on Tuesday night, in which they blew a 3-2 lead heading into the third period.  They were missing their big defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, but the Blackhawks needed more help than that.

For the struggling Blackhawks, Chris Kunitz (remember that guy?), Alexandre Fortin and Henri Jokiharju spent the night watching from the Jeremy Colliton Chicken Finger and Popcorn Buffet in the pressbox.

This was your Blackhawks starting lineup:
Brendan Perlini- Jonathan Toews – Brandon Saad
Alex DeBrincat – Dylan Strome – Patrick Kane
Dominik Kahun – David Kampf – John Hayden
Marcus Kruger – Artem Anisimov – Andreas Martinsen

Duncan Keith – Gustav Forsling
Erik Gustafsson – Jan Rutta
Brandon Manning – Brent Seabrook

From the puck drop the Blackhawks were pinned in their own end of the ice, but they were only able to hold off the Jets until the 1:43 mark of the game. Patrik Laine found a fat rebound off the pads of Corey Crawford, and deposited it over a fallen Brent Seabrook and a, still down, Corey Crawford.

This was not the start the Blackhawks need to be successful, and one of their enormous problems in recent games. They have been digging themselves huge holes that they simply do not have the talent or ability to dig themselves out of.

Just over a minute after the Laine goal, the Blackhawks forth line took advantage of some lazy defensive zone coverage and tied the game back up at one goal. Marcus Kruger got credit for the goal, but Andreas Martinsen did the hard work to pick the puck off the end boards and try to jam it past Connor Hellebuyck. The first couple of hacks and whacks didn’t pay off, but Kruger eventually ended up with the goal.

Unfortunately, less than a minute after the Blackhawks tied the game, the Jets came right back down the ice and snatched the lead back. Duncan Keith and Gustav Forsling were easily worked around during a Jets 3-on-2 which resulted in Nikolaj Ehlers getting fed on the back door for an easy goal. Forsling made a realling irresponsible play which left Duncan Keith alone to defend a two-on-one.

Shortly after the eight minute mark of the first period the Blackhawks third line fought back tie the game. As Eddie Olczyk would say, David Kampf was “shot out of a cannon” in the neutral zone, splitting the defenders and ending up one-on-one with Hellebuyck. The Winnipeg netminder stopped the original shot but John Hayden drove to the net and chipped the rebound into the net.

This was potentially a look into what Jeremy Colliton sees that he likes so much in the young Czech center.

The first power play of the game was a result of Mark Scheifele out-skating Gustav Forsling and getting in one-on-one with Crawford. Forsling made a nice play to recover and disrupt Scheifele enough for Crawford to make the save, but it put the Jets second overall rated power play on the ice against the Blackhawks forth worst penalty kill.

Apparently, the NBC crew didn’t even want to watch the power play, as the visiting television feed cut out several times and so often that eventually they had to switch to the home feed for about 25 seconds. Even the Blackhawks television network struggles get their act together.

Eventually the Blackhawks killed off that first shorthanded situation, which was certainly a very important small victory in a season full of glaring losses.

With two and half minutes remaining in the first period it was the Blackhawks’ turn to try their power play prowess. A power play that is, by far, the worst in the entire NHL. It doesn’t take a wizard to predict how that power play went. Uneventful, frustrating and ineffective.

The period ended with a 15-13 shot advantage in favor of the home team.

Sixty-one seconds into the second period, the Jets took the lead for the third time in the game. Nikolaj Ehlers, who was struggling mightily coming in, scored his second goal of the night as the Blackhawks defense back way deep into their own zone and allowed the speedy forward to cut across the high slot unobstructed and snap a shot over Corey Crawford’s blocker.

Just forty-five seconds after the second Ehlers goal, the Jets struck again. This time defenseman Jacob Trouba jumped into the play and found a loose puck to Crawford’s right and chipped it into the net after Crawford over-slid to his left.

Prior to the mid-point of the second period, the Blackhawks ended up with their second power play of the night and, as they regularly do, generated almost zero pressure. Like clockwork.

Moments after the power play expired, the Jets made and egregious turnover in their own end that left Jan Rutta all alone with the puck just inside the blue line and right in the middle of the ice. He wasted little time sliding the puck ahead, swinging his hips around and firing a clapper through the glove of Hellebuyck.

The rest of the period was fairly tame, with the Jets out shooting the Blackhawks for the period, once again, 12-5.

The theme for the night was the Blackhawks starting each period sloppily, and the third period was no different. Duncan Keith took a slashing penalty twenty one seconds into the third and Patrik Laine made the Blackhawks pay for it.

Jan Rutta turned the puck over to Laine as he came around the Hawks net, and Gustav Forsling was late coming over to cover. As a result, the young Jets sniper ended up with his second goal of the game and the Jets had a 5-3 lead.

At the ten-minute mark of the third period, Ehlers finished off his hat trick. He picked off an awful high risk Erik Gustafsson pass at the Jets blue line and took it the other way for a break-a-way, eventually beating Crawford.

With 6:50 remaining in regulation, Dominik Kahun atoned for his called back goal against the Golden Knights by grabbing a puck that was flipped through the Jets slot, dropping it to his stick and beating it past Hellebuyck. This goal cut the Winnipeg lead to 6-4.

Three minutes after the Kahun goal, the Blackhawks caught the Jets in disarray and the makeshift line of DeBrincat/Anisimov/Kane worked a really nice three-on-one, with Anisimov eventually scoring the goal. The play was set up by a nice effort from DeBrincat, who poked a 50/50 puck past Jacob Trouba and began the odd man break from the Winnipeg blue line in.

The Blackhawks pulled Corey Crawford and had some sustained pressure, but time ran out on them and they eventually fell to the Jets 6-5. With a solid 13 shot third period the Blackhawks were only out shot 33-31 in the game.


  • It was good to see a few player that had been ice cold, lately, get some goals. Kahun, Rutta, Kruger, and Hayden all broke out of their slumps.
  • Speaking of Kahun, he also had four shots on net.  He has been invisible for quite a while and, if the Blackhawks want to succeed, they will need him to be playing better
  • For the game, the Blackhawks actually had more high danger chances, 18-14, and won the possession battle (Corsi 64-50 / Fenwick 46-40)
  • Anisimov, Kahun, and Hayden all had Corsi numbers over 70%.


  • The stupid NBC Sport Chicago broadcast was brutal. It kept going to a black screen, and it was about as reliable as the Blackhawks defense. This is not the first time that the broadcast has done this, either. It is 2018 and this billion dollar media conglomerate can’t figure out how to get a relatively reliable feed to the audience. Not once, but twice they had to switch to the TSN feed. The second time, towards the end of the second period, they had to stay with the TSN feed for the rest of the game. Pretty pathetic.
  • Marcus Kruger only played six minutes for the entire game.  I know he went off gingerly after a collision but he should have been over 6 minutes by that point already.
  • Dylan Strome had the work possession numbers of any Hawks player at 36.11% Corsi.
  • The big spot where the Blackhawks were abysmal was faceoffs.  They lost 60% of the draws they took.

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    Jeff Osborn

    After a terrible loss to the Vegas Golden Knights, on Tuesday, the Blackhawks took a short trip to Winnipeg Manitoba to face the high scoring Jets. Th
    [To continue reading full article, click here: RECAP: Blackhawks Comeback Falls Short in Winnipeg]

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

    Alan Parsons

    Keith should be fired into the sun.  Also Gustafsson.  And Manning.  And Colliton for not playing Jokiharju.   Just play Jokiharju and Forsling together and get the experience because this team is going to tank HARD and you might as well play the rookies.  Let them feel the taste of agony and disappointment.

    Alan Parsons

    Jokiharju has been out 3 games.  How many goals have they given up since he has been out?  18?  Im not saying Henry is going to fix all of their problems, but seriously…get the kid in the lineup.  He has been their best defender.   People are BLIND to what Keith has become.  Keith isnt good right now.  Hasnt been good in over 2 years.  But sure, lets sit the kid for some unknown reason.


    Alan Parsons

    Its always been a maxim:  as goes Keith, so go the Blackhawks.  Keith has sucked for over 2 years now and the Hawks are BAD.

    Alan Parsons

    I also believe that Colliton is getting through to some of the players, the guys like Kahun and Kampf who are playing the best hockey on the team right now.  The veterans all seem to be walking in quicksand.  Buying time.  I dunno.  I think the fire sale needs to begin immediately.   Blow it all up.  I dont think even three Erik Karlsson’s can fix this team.

    Jeff Osborn

    Keith should be fired into the sun. Also Gustafsson. And Manning. And Colliton for not playing Jokiharju. Just play Jokiharju and Forsling together and get the experience because this team is going to tank HARD and you might as well play the rookies. Let them feel the taste of agony and disappointment.

    Jokiharju was still sick

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter


    Jokiharju has been out due to being sick.

    Pretty goofy game. They look decent until they don’t.

    Keith was pretty bad again. I think after his comments yesterday its time for him to go. Id have no problems flipping him to Toronto for Nylander and the last year of Marleaus deal.

    Think they have more of a front office and plan problem then a player / coach issue but becausw of former you get the latter. Them sucking are more symptoms of the root cause.

    Alan Parsons

    Joker better be shitting blood pissing blood bleeding to miss a game.  What kind of hockey player is he?  Fuckin millenials man

    Alan Parsons

    They had like 6 minutes of urgency last night.  Not gonna cut it.

    Alan Parsons

    7,88,2,19 all look like they could give a rats ass about being on the ice.   Some of the younger guys are busting their tails. Some of the younger guys suck. Some are pretty ok.  But seriously, 7,2,88 just look like they are mailing it in.



    “7,88,2,19 all look like they could give a rats ass about being on the ice.”

    I would remove 88 and maybe 7 from that list.   Also, what is 19’s problem with face offs? How can he not know the rules for getting tossed? And then he acts like a huge f ‘ing baby crying about it to the refs! Disgusting. He is not “captain” he once was…  Give the C to Kaner!

    Alan Parsons

    To me, Kane looked like he was barely trying last night.  All but a couple of shifts he looked like he was sulking.  No spark.  Meh.

    Jeff Osborn

    Not even December and these guys are frustrated.  Something needs to change quickly.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter


    Holy Indianhead, Batman… who they gonna fire next?

    Rocky, make Breakaway a self fullfilling promise:  Fire McDon’tKnow and StanBlow.  They signed the deals, caused this mess, will NEVER be able to get out of it BECAUSE they don’t know how.

    McDon’t Know don’t know hockey, he’s a beer salesman.  How long you want to see empty seats?   And if you talk about how much John McDon’tKnow has made you with the 3 Cups remember this:  he didn’t draft one guy that’ was on those teams, hasn’t let StanBlow make any meaningful trades cause he DON’t Know a damn thing about hockey, and as for all that money, well… a few more months of this minor league hockey product impersonating at the UC, even the Chevy Dealers will run for the exits.

    I lived thru so many wonderful years in the 70’s and 80’s with the Hawks and empty seats.   At least Pully brought in Wayne Van Dorp to excite the crowds.

    Send these bums packing NOW, along with Barry the Dinosaur before they sign another NMC contract …


    Alan Parsons

    The barely concealed tension whenever Barry Smith is interviewed in between periods cracks me the hell up.  That man has zero personality.  Maybe he is a well respected “hockey man” or something or whatever but he looks like he simply does not belong on an NHL bench.  If Colliton doesnt get to hire his own coaches soon, the hilarity and dysfunction that will ensue will be legendary.


    Hey Jeff, nice write up but I think your lead should be “Hellebuyck’s horrid netminding let’s Hawks back in – in laugher.”

    This game wasn’t as closed as it looked.  And how many defensemen are down for the Jets right now?  This could have been a lot worse.  But hey in McD’s world this is a playoff team…good luck with that.  If you listen closely you can hear Q laughing.  And let’s be honest this team hasn’t bottomed out yet either.

    Embrace the tank.

    Jeff Osborn

    Hey Jeff, nice write up but I think your lead should be “Hellebuyck’s horrid netminding let’s Hawks back in – in laugher.” This game wasn’t as closed as it looked. And how many defensemen are down for the Jets right now? This could have been a lot worse. But hey in McD’s world this is a playoff team…good luck with that. If you listen closely you can hear Q laughing. And let’s be honest this team hasn’t bottomed out yet either. Embrace the tank.

    If you look at the metrics, the Blackhawks led in most advanced categories, and were only out shot by 2.  Neither team played great, but we’re all jaded at this point.

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

    Alan Parsons

    *Jaded Fancy Stat Man

    Alan Parsons

    Zawaski says it may be time to bench one of the veterans in order to send a message.   Do you bench the guy you want to trade?  Would that hurt his value?  Do you bench the guy you want to jumpstart?  Does that even work anymore?  Straight communication is probably the best method, and that communication needs to start with “We want to trade you and tank the season” and not “lets try to make the playoffs, come on man, lets win one for the Gipper!”


    Boffo recap dude, t/y for it, nice & snarly snarky just the way I feel watching this storied bunch turn to mere shadows of what once was so epic but seriously …

    I hope to Hell I’m wrong but, the game against the Caps a week or so back, that bastard Wilson ran over Crow and the guy hasn’t been the same since – slow on reactions & off his angles (and embarrassingly, too.) I even afrais the mention the “c” word here, no not THAT c-word, the SCARY brainbox related one. No joke.

    Dear PuckGods hear my plea …


    PS – I loved LOVED “the didn’t quit” in the boys tho – Kahun especially that was a MAN’s goal to get them to to 2. Love the guy and Kampf too – not to brag (well okay a little) I was cheering both on since camp.  I am hereby predicting a W (regulation time too) in Nashvile that’s right NashVILE.



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