Blackhawks Prospect Camp: Day 5


The 2018 Chicago Blackhawks prospect camp wrapped up Friday at MB Ice Arena in Chicago.

The fans were treated to a scrimmage with the first full-ice five-on-five action of the week, a full period of four-on-four play, three-on-three overtime, and eventually a shootout. The scrimmage ended with the red team taking the win on shootout goals by Mackenzie Entwistle and free agent Princeton forward Ryan Kuffner (pictured above).

Don’t forget to listen to Thursday night’s Rinkcast to hear us talk more about what we saw.

Blackhawks Prospect Camp: Day 5

Photo by Jeff Osborn/The-Rink

Below are some observations Eric Andrews and I made during today’s sessions:

  • Alexandre Fortin wrapped up his week as the clear cut best forward on the ice, exuding confidence and polish throughout the session.
  • As mentioned above, Ryan Kuffner had himself a nice scrimmage, scoring in the second period and then icing the win with one of the only two shootout goals.
  • Tim Soderlund was not nearly as noticeable as he was last summer, but he flies with the puck and is fearless.  That said, the coaching staff had him playing right wing instead of center.  He looked to have really nice chemistry with Mathias From, who also had a very solid camp.
  • Freddy Olofsson, Liam Coughlin and free agent Connor Moynihan had the best chances in the first period and it is no surprise that they were also three of the bigger players on the ice.
  • Speaking of bigger players, Josiah Slavin certainly didn’t look like a late round draft pick this week.  He seemed to be everywhere.
  • We saw a lot of Adam Boqvist, but he was much more interested in the offensive side of the rink than his own.  During a couple of plays, he insisted on making one too many fancy moves and turned the puck over both in his own zone and at the far blue line..  To anyone with delusions of this kid playing for the Blackhawks at 17/18 years old, just reel your hopes back in right now.  He did have a really nice assist on Olofsson’s goal in the second period.
  • Henri Jokiharju spent a good deal of time on the ice and continued to get a nice push, especially on the power play.  The coaching staff was clearly comfortable with having him on the ice in all situations.
  • Similarly, Chad Krys was out on the ice in the same situations.  His anticipation was very noticeable.
  • Beau Starrett was one of the few centers to stand out.  His big frame and long strides allowed him to blow around defencemen on a couple of occasions.
  • Niklas Nordgren did not skate because of a lower body injury, Jacob Nilsson took an early flight back to Sweden, and Blake Hillman just sat out.
  • Jack Ramsey made his return to the ice and was awarded the camp trophy for his team’s win.
  • Free agent Kyle Maksimovich had a goal and was around the puck all day.
  • As far as the goalies go, Alexis Gravel and Mathew Robeson held the teams scoreless in the first period.  Wouter Peeters had much more favorable results in his period of play than he was the previous four days, but was still unimpressive overall.  Free agent from St. Francis Xavier University and USports Goaltender of the Year Chase Marchand (cousin of Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand) played the third period, the overtime and the shootout without allowing a single goal.

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    Jeff Osborn

    The 2018 Chicago Blackhawks prospect camp wrapped up Friday at MB Ice Arena in Chicago. The fans were treated to a scrimmage with the first full-ice f
    [To continue reading full article, click here: Blackhawks Prospect Camp: Day 5]

    @PuckinHostile on Twitter

    Mister Ricochet

    Really nice recap fellas, very nice.

    Before I forget Josia Slavin will be in town with the Lincoln Stars to play the Chicago Steel on Sunday March 24th at 3:05 at Fox Valley Ice Arena in Geneva (next door to the Kane County Cougars).

    I’ve seen him play 5-6-7 times and have posted his work ethic/compete is second to none and his shot is heavy.  He skated north south and went to the dirty areas with glee.  Not physical in that he lays out hits but is always active in the corners and slot.  Hands and skating were average but had + straight away speed.

    But what little I saw from camp the kid has some zig to his game that he didn’t show in the USHL.  I was happy with taking him in the 7th rd but after camp I’m excited about it.  Posted before that if this highly highly religious kid has even near the talent to play in the bigs his character, work ethic and sheer will will get him there.

    Like reading about Starrett.  The kid is 22 and has been 6ft 5in since he was drafted in 2014 in the 3rd rd so that he looked good vs younger players would be expected but nothing and I mean nothing in his stat line before or after he was drafted indicated he could play above ECHL, if that.         Kid was drafted by the USHL and NAHL and decided he didn’t want to play vs high end competition and chose to play in a low junior league had me wondering about him from Day 1.

    Read a comparison to Boqvist as a pro was Tyson Barrie.  I’m afraid that’s his ceiling.

    Man does Krys have a mature game and plays nice and low once he gets the puck with a powerful stride.

    Much like Slavin I’ve found Gilbert to be exclusively north-south, nice and simple.  But he showed some nimble feet and better lateral movement than I had seen.  I’m more excited about this kid.

    If Soderland ever gets to the Hawks he’ll be an immediate fan favorite and will sell a lot of jerseys.  Kid is a rocket ship and shows better hands each time I see him.  It is interesting he shows better in drills than game conditions.

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