A Couple Of Rumors Trickle In


After posting about the lack of a clear plan this morning, I heard from two separate (and reliable) sources on the Hawks plans for the trade deadline, with one expanding on the larger organizational “plan.”


Probably don’t expect much (according to both).

And then, “not much” happened, in the form of the last vestige of the Nick Leddy trade, the much-maligned Ville Pokka, going to Ottawa for former Hawk property Chris DiDomenico. Meh, this is as close to a meaningless trade as you’re going to get.

Some of you may recall this tweet from December:

Well, it appears the Hawks have been talking to Ottawa about a defenseman, just Pokka, instead of Michal Kempny.

One source did mention this morning that the Hawks have been talking quite a bit, however, with a team in a situation similar to their own. While I did not hear this specifically, one might conclude this would perhaps lead to a value for value deal that potentially changes chemistry for both clubs. That team is . . .


Stan Bowman and Marc Bergevin have done deals—and talked about quite a few more of them—in the past. Both GMs need to be thinking about how to change the paradigm and tone of their dressing rooms for next year. How likely is a deal between the two teams? I did not hear, but they are talking.


One source also added that the Hawks have hired “another PR firm” (I was not told if this replaces an existing firm or is additive) to manage perceptions of this “LOST” season.

Make of that what you will

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