Jonathan Toews donates to Chicago COVID-19 Response Fund


It is a difficult time in the world.

There is no hockey. There are no sports. The news is no fun. We are stuck inside. We need good news and good stories during this Coronavirus pandemic.

The Chicago Blackhawks provided a bit of that good news on Thursday morning, when it was announced that Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was donating $100,000 to the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund through his foundation.

Toews is a noted community activist and leader, advocating for healthy lifestyles and practices through his foundation and partnerships. He also made a national appearance on the Today Show, wishing a young Blackhawks fan a happy birthday after missing out on seeing the team play on his birthday.

Or as Hoda Kotb said, “Jonathan Tayvits.” (It is a hard name, after all.)

Toews’ donation comes on the heels of the Blackhawks’ home arena, the United Center, announcing on Wednesday that the facilities will be used as a logistics hub during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NHL season is still in limbo, and the Blackhawks may or may not return to the ice to complete the 2019–20 campaign, but at least in these trying times, players and organizations are coming through for their communities.

Stay home, stay smart, stay well.

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