The Blackhawks Rinkcast – Episode 38 – Taking On Water co-hosts Jeff “Gatekeeper” Osborn and John Jaeckel get together to talk about the Blackhawks’ sinking ship.

  • The Blackhawks have officially dropped to last place and lost 8 in a row.
  • Blackhawks recall Dylan Sikura and Carl Dahlstrom, while sending down Alexandre Fortin
  • Warpigs Report from Mario Tirabassi
  • Early take-a-ways from the Schmaltz/Strome trade appear even
  • Who needs to stay and who needs to go?
  • We answered some great listener and reader questions

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  • #10694 co-hosts Jeff “Gatekeeper” Osborn and John Jaeckel get together to talk about the Blackhawks’ sinking ship. The Blackhawks have officiall
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    Alan Parsons

    Rutta was waived. That is a good first step. Its about 20 games too late, but Ill take it. And I hate to say it, but Gus needs to be playing over Seabrook right now. They need to play him lots of minutes, get him a few goals and assists under his belt, lose more games, and then trade him to a team that needs an offensive boost from the back end of their blue line. Seabrook has been bad. And that kills me because I love the guy. But he needs to be sitting.

    There is nothing worse in sports than playing a player simply because he has a high salary. Seabrook has most definitely earned his contract, and I dont begrudge him that at all. But his play is embarrassing in his own end. He is always sliding on his ass trying to break up 2 on 1s or getting turnstyled badly. He is reaching and cant get to pucks. Sadness…

    Dahlstrom had a nice game. Took a bunch of shots, 3 on goal, had some nervous moments early but that is to be expected. He settled nicely and he and Murphy worked pretty well together by the 3rd period. Much more effective than Rutta has been this year.

    Sikura was invisible. Meh. Not sure what he does especially well yet. Time will tell, I suppose. Is he a sniper? Playmaker? Energy guy? He had a couple of nice plays defensively, but he also coughed up the puck a lot. Meh.

    Crawford is fighting it. It is all mental. Im positive that it was the Tom Wilson knee to the head that initially rattled him and he hasnt been the same goalie since. That seems to be the moment he started flinching a bit. Maybe he is working though it now. The bad angle goal the other night where he basically ducked the puck rather than stop it was telling. He just isnt confident right now, but his glove hand is still working well and he is moving well.

    They played very well against the Pens. Most complete game they have had and yet they still gave up 3 goals they probably shouldnt have.

    Debrincat has filthy mittens. That kid is just a pure scorer. Get him more minutes!

    Perlini “looks” like a hockey player, but I wonder if it isnt like baseball, where a guy looks like he is gonna be a star to the scouts but the actual numbers and production never materialize. The fancy stats problem.

    Manning hasnt been that bad. He has sort of regressed back to his mean, which is to say, he still isnt great or good but he isnt as bad as he was. He has not been the liability he was earlier, I think now it is Seabrook who is dragging him down. Ugh.

    Pat and Eddie cant stand Barry Smith and it is freaking hilarious whenever they interview him in between periods. Barry Smith cant stand them either. His eye roll at their comment a couple of games ago about finally scoring on the PP was just so perfect. The contempt is boiling up. Hilarious.




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