ICYMI: Week of March 12 — Avalanche news and more


Colorado Avalanche news

Between The Pipes — March 8: Raj and Springer had lots to say about Philipp Grubauer’s performance and the Avalanche’s goaltending situation overall. It is worth a listen.

One thing noted is inconsistency is a big problem with the Avalanche, and I am in complete agreement. What are your thoughts? Listen to C.C. Hawkley and Scott MacDonald talk about the Avs’ problems in the Front Range Hockey podcast. They also discuss the netminder problems the team has, too.

JJ and Aarif have a unique look back on the 365 days since Avalanche fans were allowed at Pepsi Center in this week’s Hockey Mountain High podcast. It is interesting hearing Aarif talk about all the changes that have taken place since then.

Other hockey news

Lots of talk in the hockey world this week about fines and suspensions for players who are caught doing something they should not do on the ice.

The Tough Call website’s byline is “Hitting back at hockey hitting culture.” It lists hits on players and the website owner’s view of what he would have called had he been the referee on the ice at the time. See if you agree with some of his views.

A lot of the discussion in the space of suspensions centred around the Tom Wilson hit on Brandon Carlo of the Bruins. Andy Campbell had a really good take, from my perspective, when he talked about when a pattern of these serious hits needs to be factored into the mix in a recent article.

Fun, fun and more fun

And there was also some fun.

And whilst there might not be a lot of Avalanche fans who are also fans of Patrick Kane, he reached a milestone this week by having played 1,000 games. The Chicago Blackhawks had some fun. Go watch this YouTube video where Kane counts to 1,000 to help you fall asleep. That is one way to celebrate.

Hockey trivia

Draft lottery changes

The mental toll of COVID-19

The toll on players mentally at the moment is bigger than you may think. This week in an article on ESPN, a number of players from different teams spoke about how they are struggling with the isolation of COVID-19 restrictions in the midst of what can already sometimes be a mentally grueling game.

You may get to watch more hockey

Next season, for anyone that has an NHL TV subscription, you will not need that anymore. Or perhaps it will not be an option for watching the games anymore given the new agreement that will be in play with ESPN. ESPN has won the NHL TV rights in the United States for the next seven years.


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